Shooting in the centre of Turbigo: one man dead and another seriously injured

turbigo lutto cittadino sparatoria

*Traslated by Sara Pasino

TURBIGO – There are three people involved in the dramatic massacre that took place around 23.30 on Friday, September 16, in Allea street in Turbigo. The death toll is one, Emanuel Rroku, a 23-year-old Albanian and another person was seriously injured. A third man has suffered lighter injuries.

Shooting in the city centre

The incident is being examined by the carabinieri of the Legnano company. According to initial information, a 30-year-old man shot a 23-year-old man with a small calibre pistol (a 6.35 calibre lost in 2017 in the province of Como) and wounded him to death: the young man died after arriving at the hospital. The shot hit his carotid artery. Shortly before, the 30-year-old had shot a peer by hitting him in the calf.

The beating

The second shot, the deadly one, would have been fired while the friends and family of the man shot in the calf were attacking the 30-year-old still armed with a gun. All those involved would be of Albanian nationality resident between Turbigo and Milan. The quarrel probably happened, for futile reasons, during a birthday party. The murderer has been arrested and is being watched in the hospital, where he has arrived in serious conditions following the beating.

Over a dozen people

I saw more than a dozen people out here – explains the owner of the bar who is not far (and is not familiar with what happened) from the point of Allea street where the shooting took place – I was closing the doors. I am a girl and they were a group of all men, all close. I called 112 reporting the group on a security matter and closed the place because it was time to do so. After closing I heard two, maybe three shots. But I did not see anything”.

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