Gallarate’s Department of Cardiology risks closing after Head and doctors leave

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*Translated by Sara Pasino

GALLARATE “The Depart of Cardiology of the Saint Anthony Abbot Hospital will close”. This is a recurring rumour circulating on the future of the historic hospital ward. But also an alarming voice because of what it might mean. Still it’s a rumour that originated after the resignations and retirement of cardiologists on duty, including the head of the department, Ivan Caico. However, all of this will not lead, for now, to a reduction of beds or the definitive closure and transfer to Busto Arsizio, as some are speculating. At least nothing traumatic will happen until spring, when the doctors’ resignations might put the hospital in Gallarate in an irreversible situation. At that point, according to some sources inside the hospital, serious management problems could arise. Until then, however, the situation should remain under control.

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Everything is still unsure, but around the Gallarate hospital thick clouds have been gathering for months on its near future, in light of the project of the single hospital, together with Busto, which would mean a restructuring of the services until the new hospital is created. But when will this happen? This is the point: there are no precise dates, if everything goes as planned it will be discussed in about ten years. In the meantime it is necessary to manage the existing sites. Including doctors leaving towards less precarious hospital shores.

This is what has happened to the Department of Cardiology, that for years has been a centre of excellence of the Saint Anthony the Abbot hospital. The head of the Department, Ivan Caico, has been following the footsteps of Roberto Canziani, his predecessor, continuing this work of excellence with the professionalism and competence of the whole team. In November, however, Caico will leave the department and retire. After that, other colleagues have announced their retirement or resignation, submitting a series of requests until March. Six or seven people leaving the team, which would bring the staff of Cardiology to a quota insufficient to guarantee performance.

The Asst Valle Olona has already announced competitions for replacements, including the one for the role of Head of Department. But there are still no applications. Cardiologists and other doctors seem to avoid Gallarate. The general management of the company has highlighted the issue. Meetings are scheduled to find solutions, at least until spring. After that, Gallarate’s Department of Cardiology could be moved to Busto Arsizio. But until then performance will (should) be assured. In summary, the Department of Cardiology will not close. For now.

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