Spanish tourist dies of intoxication after eating lasagne in Malpensa

malpensa intossicati lasagna morto

*Translated by Sara Pasino

SOMMA LOMBARDO – One of the 57 tourists intoxicated in a restaurant in Somma Lombardo last October 19 has died. He is one of the two Spanish tourists who ended up in hospital after they arrived in Brescia for their holiday in the mountains. The alarm was raised in the night between Tuesday October 18 and Wednesday October 19, when the group was already at their destination, guests at the hotel Sorriso di Darfo Boario Terme. The accommodation has no responsibility.

Lasagna on trial

It appears the causes of illness should be sought at dinner time, when the Spanish tourists – landed in Malpensa to spend a few days in the mountains of Brescia – were taken by a bus to a restaurant in Somma Lombardo, not far from the airport, as a first stop in Italy. Everyone at the table ate the same thing and the main course was lasagna. In the evening at the hotel they began to feel sick and experience diarrhoea and two of them had to be taken to the hospital. 

The Ats in Brescia has delegated Ats Insubria to take samples of the lasagna and stew: it seems the responsible could be the bacterium E coli.

The investigation, coordinated by the prosecutor of Busto, Ciro Vittorio Caramore, also involved the NAS to clarify the incident. An autopsy may be necessary to assess the actual link between death and the ingested food. Only at that point it will be possible to identify the name of the restaurant under investigation. 

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