M24 TV – Entrepreneurs: «We are forced to close because of soaring costs»

*Translated by Sara Pasino

LONATE POZZOLO – «The situation is tragic and there is a real risk of seeing the entire production chain destroyed. The energy-consuming businesses are the ones risking the most, but if they stop, the whole system crashes». Roberto Grassi, president of Confindustria Varese and guest of Malpensa24 TV’s latest episode, outlined a scenario that is much more than worrying, precisely because in many cases it is reality.

Tragic situation

The cost of living crisis is the real emergency to deal with. But the Italian business system, and therefore also the province of Varese, needs very short-term interventions, but also a medium-term political planning, as far as energy is concerned. «So, we cannot continue like this. Our businesses are closing for the unbearable soaring costs, though they do have work to do. In some cases, a lot of work. But producing is no longer enough. It’s a paradox, but this is the reality», explained Grassi.

Grassi then raised the alarm of industrial desertification: «This is worrying also for the heavy social repercussions it could have», but he indicated a route to follow to overcome once again the complicated period.

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