Man attacks his ex and kills her new partner: horror on streets between Cantello and Stabio

cantello stabio murder
On the left the victim, Daniele Morello and on the right the killer, Stefano Salvatore Solazzo

*Translated by Sara Pasino

CANTELLO – There was no direct witness when Daniele Morello, a 47-year-old building contractor, was shot in Stabio. His lifeless body on a Swiss pick up in Via Varese, between Cantello and Malnate, was noticed by several motorists who gave the alarm. Morello is one of the victims of the massacre of jealousy staged on Monday, July 25, between Cantello and Stabio.

An appointment or a stakeout?

The killer, Salvatore Stefano Solazzo, 51, was the ex of Morello’s partner and he was originally from Malnate. Solazzo, after sowing panic between Italy and Switzerland finally took his own life. The reconstruction of the event is being examined by the Carabinieri Corps of the provincial command of Varese, led by Colonel Gianluca Piasentin. The investigation coordinated by the Varese prosecutor, Massimo Politi, has displayed the military forces of the command of Varese, led by Captain Chiara Crupi.

No criminal record

Solazzo killed Morello first. The entrepreneur’s body was found around 6.30 am. Two shots fired by the man who regularly held a firearms certificate. No criminal record, not even for the mistreatment of his ex – the second victim he later reached in Switzerland. Some talk of jealousy, of him often making a scene to the woman when the two were still together, but no complaint had been issued against the killer.

Valid firearms certificate 

First, Solazzo shoots his semiautomatic to his ex’s partner. He kills him almost instantly. The investigation will have to clarify whether he gave the victim an appointment or followed the 47-year-old while waiting for the right moment to strike. The extraction of data from Solazzo’s phone will also indicate when and where the 51-year-old’s phone was last located in the area. 

The woman is out of danger 

Having gunned down Morello, the killer gets back on the road and drives for seven kilometres. He crosses the border with Switzerland and reaches Stabio, in the Bagni Termali area, where he knows he can find his ex, a 45-year-old Italian woman of Kosovan origins, who works there. Two years ago she had ended the relationship with him, but now she has no escape. He shoots and she gets injured, fortunately not mortally. She is taken to the hospital in Lugano in critical condition. The doctors said she is now out of danger. After having injured his ex partner the killer, convinced he had carried out his revenge, takes his own life. 

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