Mystery murder in Malnate: investigators in Parma hunt down the killer’s DNA

*Translated by Sara Pasino

MALNATE – The Carabinieri Corps of the investigative department of the provincial command of Varese have found many biological traces in the house of via Sanvito in Malnate, where last July 22 Carmela Fabozzi, a retired 73-year-old, was killed by two blows to the head with a blunt instrument, still not found by the investigators.

The biological traces

All the traces found have been sent to the Ris (Unit of Scientific Investigations) of Parma: the investigators are now looking for a genetic profile, a DNA trace, that could identify the murderer. The murder seemed to have no explanation and generated great concern, as well as pain. Nothing in the quiet life of the victim could suggest a window of opportunity for the investigation.

A quiet life

A retired widow, devoted to the memory of her late husband and a son lost a few years ago, with a methodical and disciplined daily routine. The house where the 73-year-old was killed was untouched: no signs of forced entry, no signs of a struggle. Everything was clean and in order. Nothing valuable was stolen – the pension money was found well stored in a drawer. Only the woman’s cell phone disappeared. Hard to think of a robbery gone wrong with this scenario.

Hunting down the stranger

At the moment there are no traces of the mysterious 60-year-old seen by some neighbours the day of the murder. In addition to the DNA trace under investigation, the police are looking into her phone’s data to discover where it was located when the 73-year-old was murdered, and video surveillance cameras have been made available by the City council.

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