Malgesso, dramatic accident at work: a 59-year-old dies on the spot

turbigo incidente giovani vittime

*Translated by Sara Pasino

MALGESSO – On August 31st a dramatic work accident took place in Malgesso shortly after 7.30 am. Abderrazzak Bouchkara, a 59-year-old man, died in an accident on street Mulini. He died on the spot.

Dead on the spot

AREU staff immediately intervened and sent an ambulance, a medical team and even Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). For the 59-year-old there was nothing to do. The police, firefighters and Ats Insubria officials also intervened in street Mulini. Ats Insubria will now have to reconstruct the incident and ascertain any responsibility. The D.A.’s office will open a wrongful death file as per policy.

According to the first updates on the dynamics of the accident, the worker was found hanging between two beams of a machine. He probably got stuck during the maintenance and cleaning operations.

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