Nine crimes in seven months: the latest murders in the province of Varese

mostri porta accanto
Davide Paitoni, Alessandro Maja, Andrea Rossin

*Translated by Sara Pasino

VARESE – 2022 has opened in the most dramatic way in the province of Varese. On January 1 Davide Paitoni, 40, killed his son Daniele, who was only 7 years old, in his house of Morazzone where he had been detained under house arrest for the attempted murder of a colleague in Azzate. After slitting the child’s throat and hiding the body in a kitchen cabinet, Paitoni attempted to kill his ex-wife Silvia in Gazzada. He was finally arrested on January 2 in Viggiù, while he was fleeing to the Swiss border. Paitoni took his own life in prison on July 12.

Carol and Daniele

In the night between January 10 and January 11, the young Carol Maltesi was killed in her home in Rescaldina by her neighbour and former partner, Davide Fontana. Fontana killed the girl by hitting her with a hammer to the head and finally slitting her throat. He then cut the body into 15 pieces, and he kept it until March in a cockpit freezer he purchased. The crime was discovered only in March, when Fontana got rid of the dissected corpse in Valcamonica. For three months the killer had pretended to be his girlfriend by sending messages to her family and friends.  

The nightmare of Mesenzana

On March 24 in Mesenzana another family massacre took place. Andrea Rossin killed his two sons, Giada and Alessio, age 13 and 7, with a knife to their heart. Then, with the same weapon he took his own life. His former partner, the mother of the two children, had recently left him and she was the one who discovered the bloody murder when she got to the house to bring her children to school. 

Family massacre in Samarate

On May 4 Samarate plunged into the nightmare. Alessandro Maja, an esteemed professional, killed his wife Stefania and his daughter Giulia, who was 16. Both were hammered in their beautiful family home. The only survivor of the massacre is the eldest son, Niccolò 23 years old, seriously injured by his father. Niccolò is now undergoing a difficult rehabilitation process.  Maja, who then tried to take his own life, apparently, feared that he would no longer be able to guarantee the high living standard his family were accustomed to, despite the fact that there were no particular economic problems.

The drug trade

Between April and May, there were two murders connected to the drug trade in the woods. In Rescaldina, the body of a Maghrebi pusher was found. He was killed by gunfire in the thick of the trees of the Rugareto forest. A few days later the body of another young drug dealer has been found abandoned between Vanzaghello and Lonate Pozzolo along the highway to Malpensa 336. The second victim was identified through the tattoos.

Tragedy in Vanzaghello

On June 11, Francesco Deidda was shot by Daniela Randazzo in his home in Vanzaghello, with his own gun, for which he had a valid certificate. Randazzo then committed suicide by throwing herself from the balcony of the house.

The mystery case in Malnate

On July 22, Malnate faced the shock of the murder of Carmela Fabozzi, 73, killed by two blows to the head with a blunt instrument (the weapon was not found) in her home in Via Sanvito. It was her son who discovered the murder – he had been living with her mother for a month after a breakup with his partner. Fabozzi’s murder is still a mystery. The killer didn’t steal anything: in the house the investigators even found the pension money. Everything was in order, no signs of struggle or break-in. According to the investigators the hypothesis of a robbery ended dramatically is still remote. Now it’s a killer hunt.

The drama of jealousy

Finally, on Monday, July 25, the massacre of jealousy between Cantello and Stabio. Daniele Morello, 47, was shot dead in Cantello by his partner’s ex. The killer, murdered the 47-year-old, reached the ex in Stabio shooting her in the Thermal Baths area, the woman is in serious conditions. The killer finally took his own life. 

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